Board of Directors

President Beth Kelly
Secretary Deb Pierce
Treasurer Chris Clampitt
Booking Manager Sally Potter
Co-Sound Directors Dave Chapman
Hanno Meingast
Membership Coordinator  Beth Kelly
Volunteer Coordinator Linda Mcmillan
Co-Gate Managers Regina Fry
Ruelaine Stokes
Publicity Coordinator Carrie Thorn
Dance Coordinator MC Rothhorn

If you would like to see how we put on all these great shows – we elect our board annually! If you or someone you know would be interested in joining the Ten Pound Fiddle Board of Directors, nominations and elections are held in the spring!

Board Meetings:

We have a number of meetings through the year and anyone is welcome. We announce the location to our members via email and it is posted here.

Annual Ten Pound Fiddle Membership Meeting
Friday, March 15, 2019, 6 pm – 7 pm. All are welcome. (Only) Fiddle members vote on any issues. Meet the Fiddle Board of Directors. MSU Community Music School, East Lansing.

Board Positions:

The board has 10 positions:

  • President
    The President shall be responsible for scheduling and conducting Board and membership meetings, and shall sign all legal documents on behalf of the Board, except those delegated by the Board of Directors or the bylaws to other LAFS members.
  • Membership Coordinator
    The membership coordinator is responsible for maintaining a membership database for the Ten Pound Fiddle. The coordinator designs an annual letter to encourage former members to renew their membership, and a membership card to be given to each member when they join the organization. The membership coordinator distributes applications to patrons at each Ten Pound Fiddle concert and dance and communicates the advantages of being a member. The Membership Coordinator also communicates with the volunteer coordinator any person interested in volunteering.
  • Sound Director
    Click here for description

  • Volunteer Coordinator
    The volunteer coordinator recruits, schedules, and trains TPF volunteers and acts as liaison between the Board and the volunteers of the TPF. S/he assigns the volunteer jobs for each concert, oversees volunteer operations, and provides the necessary supplies to allow the volunteers to perform their jobs.

  • Secretary
    Meeting Minutes: The board secretary is responsible for making, dissemination and keeping a written record of all monthly TPF board meetings.  Distribution of meeting minutes is via email and a copy will be maintained on the web site.  Copies are sent to each board member and any member who requests a copy.
    The secretary is also responsible for communication with other organizations, sending thank-you notes, condolence and congratulation notes as requested by the board.
    Elections: The secretary is responsible for preparing, distributing, receiving  and recording nominations and ballots for the annual Board of Director’s election.  Nominating petitions and ballots are sent to all TPF members.
  • Treasurer
    The treasurer is responsible for general financial oversight and accounting for the Ten Pound Fiddle.  This includes maintaining financial accounts (checking, savings, etc.), preparing financial reports (monthly summary, annual report), filing tax forms (IRS 990, 1096, 1099), and paying general bills not paid by other Board members.

  • Booking Manager (experience required)
    Click here for description

  • Gate Manager
    The Gate Managers oversee ticket sales at concerts, compile a summary of ticket sales at each concert,  verify credit card sales, pay the performers and sound crew, and deposit the cash and checks in the bank.

  • Dance Coordinator
  • Publicity Coordinator (experience desired)
    The Publicity Coordinator handles the marketing efforts for the Ten Pound Fiddle events.  Along with the assistance of his or her fellow board members, this volunteer invests approximately 40 hours a month writing and releasing press releases and calendar submissions to the various media outlets, participating in or arranging  interviews to print, radio and television programs, writing and designing the weekly email newsletters, coordinating the design and creation and distribution of advertisements, flyers and posters, and composing and submitting photos and timely posts to the Ten Pound Fiddle’s social media accounts.  This volunteer usually works very closely with the Booking Coordinator.  Overall, the Publicity Coordinator should be an enthusiastic supporter and cheerleader for Ten Pound Fiddle activities.

Board positions are for one year and we meet approximately monthly during the performance season. Two positions have been noted as having special requirements, but the rest can be easily learned. There are no age requirements and volunteering can count as public service.

For information on descriptions not yet listed, email your request to: 


– Board member nomination form
– Bylaws
 Reimbursement form for Ten Pound Fiddle Related expenses.

Tax documents:

2019 990 EZ
2018 990 EZ
2017 990 EZ
2016 990 EZ


2010 990ez


990 SchA