Jayme Stone's Lomax Project

Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project

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Focusing on songs collected by folklorist and field recording pioneer Alan Lomax, this collaboratory brings together some of North America’s most distinctive and creative roots musicians to revive, recycle, and reimagine traditional music. Join the Fiddle for this very, very special mid-week concert, to be held at Urban Beat, a new, intimate performance space on the first block of Turner Street, in Lansing’s Old Town.

Irish Singer Andy Irvine

Irish Singer Andy Irvine – Opening Night Party at The AMP

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Andy Irvine is the lead singer from the infamous Irish band, Planxty, among many other configurations. The Ten Pound Fiddle kicks off its 42nd season with Andy Irvine, a fine Irish singer of traditional Irish songs. We’ll gather at The Allen Market Place, catch up with friends, and enjoy Irish desserts, and drink fresh, craft stout and wheat beer from a local establishment.