“Music of the 1960s” – Sunday Afternoon Two Audio/ Visual Presentations by Dick Rosemont, FBC Co-Founder

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1 – 3 pm: 1960s Rock Music Overview; 4 – 6 pm: The Rise and Influence of Motown. Dick Rosemont will present an entertaining and incisive look at the music environment of the 1960s. It was a significant period for changes in all aspects of culture and the music business. Hear some of the significant songs of the era and recordings that influenced future artists and styles. The first session provides a general overview of 1960s rock as it evolved musically, culturally, and commercially: from pre-Beatles pop to later-decade “acid rock.” The second session looks at Motown and its influences, tracing the rise and success of the largest black-owned company in the country, and its impact on music culture.

Twin Bill – Irish Mythen & Amythyst Kiah

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Come hear two of the hottest and up-and-coming performers in today’s acoustic music world –
“Kiah is an important and innovative presence in contemporary traditional music. Describing herself as a “Southern Gothic, alt-country blues singer/songwriter,” Amythyst has a repertoire that honors tradition while crossing genres to illuminate many common threads.” ~ Sam Gleaves, The Bluegrass Situation

“I had no idea what to expect when this five foot nothing lady took the stage, all smiles and twinkling eyes and guitar. Then, she opened her mouth and out flew a voice that came straight from the Heavens with all the power and the glory and the truth of someone destined to be a singer. I’ve been blessed with seeing and hearing a lot of talented musicians in my life, but I have never experienced anyone quite like Irish Mythen. She is a force of nature and a gift from Almighty Herself.”
~ Lisa Schwartz, Philadelphia Folk Festival

Joe Crookston

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“At every festival I hope to find the gift of one artist whose songwriting and performance stand out. Joe Crookston was that gift for me this year at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. Stunning performance, great songs, and not a word wasted! I LOVE That!” David Francey – Songwriter Ontario